Family & Friends Day

In keeping with our school year theme, Champions by Design, our Family & Friends Day theme centered on Sports Champions. Not just those who are champions in their chosen activity, but those who use their God-given time, talent and treasure to make the world a better place. Each 7th Grade student chose an athlete and researched their sports history and the charity or foundation they support. They were required to create a poster about their athlete, design a bottle doll and dress up as the athlete. They also brought in food to share with the rest of the school and their guests.

Students in Grades PK4 – 4th invited a guest to join them in classroom and gym activities.

Sixth Grade students, dressed as OLP athletes, prepared a dance (choreographed by Cheryl Pompeo of Oglebay Institute) that was performed several times throughout the morning in the gym.

The guest speaker for the all-school assembly was OLP alumn, Jeremy Hays, Class of 2006. Jeremy has started his own business, Fadeaway Fitness, where he works with athletes on strength and basketball skills training. He inspired the students with a talk about setting goals for themselves and trying to get just a bit better each day. He brought the students up in groups to have them work on skills. Finally, he challenged Mrs. Kerr (who had been his 6th grade teacher her first year at OLP) to a match to see who could bounce up to 50 the fastest. He gave Mrs. Kerr oversized basketballs and he used tennis balls. Everyone present was able to choose who they thought would win, with the losing side having to do push-ups. It wasn’t much of a contest. (Sorry, Mrs. Kerr!)

Jeremy’s proud mother is our long-time school secretary, Mrs. Judy Hays.