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8th Grade Class Trip to D.C.

8th Grade Preparing for Class Trip

The 8th Grade Class took a trip to Central Catholic High School to prepare for their class trip to Washington, DC in mid-May. Utilizing the technology in the TEAL Lab, they explored Washington using Google Earth and each group prepared a Google Slides presentation on some of the sites they will visit soon. Thank you to CCHS and Technology Coordinator, Deb Warmuth, for making this possible. Also, thank you to Mr. Cihy for driving us there and back on the bus.

Balloon Races in 8th Grade

Studying Newton’s Third Law of Motion: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

8th Enjoys Catholic Schools Week

8th Grade Experiments with Momentum & Collisions

8th Grade Helps 3rd Grade Publish Books

Each year, both 8th Grade and 3rd Grade students write a story and publish it in a book. These books are displayed during our Catholic Schools Week Academic Fair Reception. While 8th Grade books are finished before the Christmas break, 3rd Graders spend part of January getting their stories ready for publication. Our 8th Grade students help with this process by typing up the text and creating the page layouts in MS Publisher. They work with the 3rd Grade students on where to place pictures and with pasting the pages into the books. This is a wonderful example of how OLP works as a family to help each other. Having the older students mentor the younger students develops bonds.

Studying Constellations

8th Goes Black & White

Creating Earthquake Proof Structures