Category: Fourth Grade News

4th Grade Learns About Important People

The 4th Grade students have each chosen an important person in history and has studied about them. They are also creating a life-size drawing of them that they can “wear”. Check back to see how we look!

Studying Vascular Plants

Captain’s Crew

“Raisin” fun with the Scientific Method

Dancing raisins lab to practice the Scientific Method

Creating “Me Posters”

Students created a ME poster to tell all about themselves to their classmates and new teacher.

4th & 5th Grade Make Their Mark!

Kick Off Day Fun!

The velcro wall and delicious cookies made “Kick off day”  a blast for 4th grade.

First Day of 4th Grade

Saying our prayers and taking the pledge of allegiance…

Covenant Night in Fourth – August 23, 2016

We bring our supplies and get our desks and books ready to go! We are going to have so much fun!