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Halloween Bingo in 4th Grade

Bridal Shower Surprise!

The Fourth Grade students and their parents surprised Miss Vanessa DeBlasis with a Bridal Shower. The soon to be Mrs. Yelenic was treated to games, presents, cupcakes and lots and lots of hugs. Her students even put together a “Lesson Plan for a Happy Marriage.” Each student and staff member wrote a message of how to have a happy marriage. The children’s words were priceless. Way to go fourth grade! YOU made Miss DeBlasis feel like a true Champion by Design!

Covenant Night in Fourth – August 23, 2017

We bring our supplies and get our desks and books ready to go! We are going to have so much fun!

Homework – 4th

Thursday, ,March 15th

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practice multiplication facts!



English-test Friday. W.b page 59


Social Studies-