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PK3 Sees Giant Moth

Several weeks ago, Glen Dale Elementary Kindergarten teacher sent the┬ácatepillar stage of a giant moth for PK3 to view. Now, that moth has emerged from its chrysalis – and is it HUGE! Once again, the moth was brought up to OLP for our PK3 students to view. Thanks for this opportunity!

PK3 Easter Party

PK4 Wild West Day

PK4 Studies Worms

A Day in PK3

PK3 Studies Moth

PK3 learned abut the cecropia moth today. It is the largest moth in North America. Thank you to Glen Dale Kindergarten for letting us borrow it.

T is for Toothpick Sculpture in PK4

R is for Rocks!

PK3 Music Fun

PK4 at the Zoo

We had so much fun in our combined class at the Oglebay Good Zoo! Fr. Doug came along and he even had really cool tshirts made for our trip!