Category: Pre-Kindergarten News

K/PK Ceremony

Their growing up has just begun. Our OLP PK and Kindergarten graduation was so much fun! Thanks to our families who snapped these sweet moments and shared on Facebook. Congratulations to our lil’ grads! We are so proud of you. Bless your hearts always!

Last Day for PK3

Last day of PK3! Can’t believe our wee-ones have completed their first year of school! What a super fun year it was. We are blessed to have had the honor of helping and watching them grow. Bless you all this summer. See you in August!

PK4 Last Day

This is the last day for PK4. What a super fun day and both classes got to celebrate their peer, Paige’s birthday!

PK3 Going on a Bug Hunt!

Our PK 3 kiddos had a super fun day at CAMP OLP! They even went on a bug hunt in our offices. They were able to capture butterflies, picnic ants, inch worms, lady bugs and even some special lightening bugs.

Kindergarten 18-19 Class!

It was an exciting morning at Our Lady of Peace School! We welcomed our new 2018-2019 kindergarten! Mrs. Jessica Glenn and Mrs. Nancy DeFazio led the children in song and dance as they learned about Christ being their guide. The children were all smiles as they performed for their parents and grandparents and each left eager to return. We can’t wait to welcome them in the fall as the OLP Class of 2027

PK3 PM Once Upon a Time

The PK3 afternoon class wrote a story for their Once Upon A Time class:

There was a purple, pink and red pony. The baby was a rainbow pony. Along comes a great white shark. The ponies run away to the princess castle. The ponies dress up like princesses. The shark gets in the castle. More sharks follow. A long neck dinosaur saves the princess ponies. The sharks leave for the ocean and swim away…”


Imagination is a wonderful thing!


Earthworms Galore!

Our friends, the earthworms! PK4 learned the important role the earthworm plays in nature and especially for our plants and flowers.

Chicken Inspectors

We had a group of ranchers come through to inspect our chickens. They all said we were taking very good care of them. Thanks, preschool!

Wild West in PK4

Easter Party