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PK4 Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in Style

Preschool Irish Fun

Well… we didn’t catch any leprechauns, but we found something better! Mr. Richard Pollack stirred up some smiles, giggles, hand clapping, and dancing fun with his Irish songs. Our preschoolers were the lucky ones who had him all to themselves for some pre-St. Patrick’s day fun. Thank you for blessing us with your presence and presents today, Mr. Pollack! We love you.

High Winds in PK3

March and April often bring high winds, but did you know that it gets windy in our PK3?! Our youngest scholars complimented their lesson on weather and wind with an experiment. Hey, any experiment with bubbles is a smooth sailing and guaranteed to add a few “oh wow’s” and giggles. Thanks, Mrs. Pollack and Mrs. Malloy for such a fun hands-on learning experience.

PK3 Thanksgiving Party

Our PK3 students enjoyed the season of Thanksgiving at their holiday party.

PK3 Halloween Parties

Family & Friends Day in PK4

PK4 Paleontologists

Our PK4 classes went on a hunt for dinosaur bones. Instead, they found dinosaurs on Mrs. Kerr and Fr. Doug! We sure have the cutest paleontologists on the planet!

PK3 Spreads Love

The PK3 Classes traveled around the school to deliver cards to teachers, students, parishioners and our pastor. They wanted everyone to know just how special they are in God’s eyes! Thank You, PK3!

PK3 Orientation

We brought our parents to school today so we could all meet our teachers and classmates. Of course, the most important task was to check out the toys to make sure it will be fun. It’s going to be a great year!