Category: Third Grade News

First Day of 3rd Grade

We are starting off on our learning path today. We had fun drawing pictures of each other.

Covenant Night in Third Grade

We bring in our supplies, greet our teacher and friends and our parents sign up for helping with parties, etc. We have the most awesome classroom this year! May God’s Force be With You!!

Homework – 3rd Grade

Monday,September 18th

Spelling- test on Friday plus 3x each

Math-Wb pg 71-72

Voyage- WB pg 16

Science- test tomorrow

Religion-test on Wednesday

Health- vocab test on Friday

Tuesday, September 19th

Spelling- test on Friday

Math- Wb pg 77-78

Voyage- in the book pg 25 # 31-54

Religion- test tomorrow

Health- vocal test on Friday

Thursday, September 20th

Spelling- test tomorrow

Reading- test on story in pages 58-71

Health-vocab test on Friday

Math- Wb pg 83-84

Thursday, September 21st

Spelling- test tomorrow

Spelling- 5 sentences

Social Studies- study guide

Health- vocab test tomorrow