Category: Third Grade News

3rd to Carnegie Science Museum

Mrs. Allman took our third graders to Carnegie. They had a blast!

3rd Learns About the Mound Builders

Mrs. Allman took her third graders to the Mound Museum in Moundsville this spring. They learned some pretty cool regional history and what Native American life was like on the Ohio River for the Adena people.

The Sunshine of Our Lives

Our third grade aide, Mrs. Erin McGovern,  has taken a full-time job outside of education. Instead of having her students sad that she’s leaving, Mrs. McGovern redirected her students and wrote each and every one a special note on what a blessing they are. They are the sunshine in the lives of so many. Even on her last day, Mrs. McGovern was thinking of others and not herself, teaching life lessons that will remain with her students. You are one amazing and blessed woman! You will be greatly missed!!

What Did the Owl Eat?

Our third graders became little scientists and detectives! Mrs. Allman and Mrs. McGovern led their students through a lesson about the lifecycle and owls as predators. The children dissected owl pellets. Their job was to find the bones of the owl’s prey and identify to what animal the bones belonged. Thank you, God, for our amazing world and all the creatures in it!

A Visit With Pigs!

Principal Kerr along with Mrs. Allman’s third graders were entertained by a couple of special visitors. In celebration of their spring reading of Charlotte’s Web, the Temple family brought in Lola and Dash – two piglets. Dash is the runt of the litter, just like Wilbur in the story.

Chicken Inspectors

We had a group of ranchers come through to inspect our chickens. They all said we were taking very good care of them. Thanks, preschool!

Counting Our Chickens

Our third graders were counting their chickens AND their blessings! “What a miracle!” We heard that time and time again, as Mrs. Allman and Mrs. McGovern’s third graders, with the help of parent Mrs. Crystal Temple, invited all the primary grades into their classroom to share the excitement and to see the true miracle of birth with the hatching chicks. Thank you, Lord, for our creatures great and small. WOW! God’s love is truly AMAZING!

3rd Grade Goes Irish!