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Teacher Biography

Mrs. Nancy Ducci

Our teacher is Mrs. Nancy Ducci.

Welcome to the First Grade class!

I am excited to have the pleasure of meeting my first grade students, parents, and grandparents here at Our Lady of Peace School. My students and I will work hard and enjoy each new day! I am very excited to start my second year as part of this wonderful school community.

My family resides in Wheeling, and my husband and I have been Our Lady of Peace Parish members for 28 years. I graduated from St. John Central High School and Ohio University, where I obtained my degree in Elementary Education. Previously, I was employed at St. John Central Grade School for 39 years. There, some of my duties included: lead teacher, full-time teacher for second and fourth grades, instructor of Sacraments, and cooperating teacher for student teachers. I hold a professional certificate in religious education.

I have always taught in a Catholic school setting, and continuing this experience is very important to me. Throughout my years of teaching, I have been blessed to be surrounded by engaging colleagues, parents, and students who have helped me to develop my own teaching style. In my classroom this year, I will work to support the students in learning and growing in their faith each day, and ‘In Christ We Can!’



Class Schedule

      Grade 1 Class Schedule 2020-21

Per Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 8:15-


Opening/Phonics Opening/Phonics Opening/Phonics Opening/Spelling Opening/Phonics
2 9:00-




Snack/Library 9:15


Snack/Math (1st)





Mass 9:30 AM K-4

Music 10:30-11:00

3 9:45-


Science Reading Reading PE 9:45-10:30 Reading
4 10:30-


Reading/Spelling PE 10:15-11:00 Spelling Phonics Spelling
5 11:40-


Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess
6 12:20-


Religion Religion Religion Religion Religion
7 12:45-


Math Math Art (1st) Math Math
8 1:30


Tech 1:30-2:00 Science Science Science Science
9 2:15-


Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Health 2:15-2:45