Category: Pre-Kindergarten News

Earthworms in PK4 Class

Mrs. Pollack was serving up earth worms in preschool!!!! The students celebrated learning all about the letter W and who wouldn’t have had earth worms as the honored guest? The wonderful world of Mrs. Pollack’s preschool classroom is always intriguing.

Wild West Day in PK4

What in tarnation? OLP had a new dress code in PK4 – cowboy hats and boots RULE! It’s a wild west roundup in preschool! Our buckaroos are fixin’ to hoot and holler all day during this mighty fine shindig.

V is for Volcanos

Dental Care Lessons in PK4

Our lil’ preschoolers were brushing up on their dental care skills with the Marshall County Health Department.

PK3 Valentine Name Art

Christmas Toy Drive

Toy Drive! We think these two are dolls, but… their families will miss them if they stay in the toy bin. So, help us fill the barrel for the fourth week in a row with real new unwrapped toys for local families who benefit from Catholic Charities. It’s not too late!

PK3 + Shaving Cream = Fun!