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Teacher Biography

B Berletch 2nd web

Mrs. Becky Berletch

Welcome to Second Grade!

I am very excited to be teaching the second grade. I have been involved with Our Lady of Peace School for many years. I have watched my children grow up in this school and truly believe sending them here was one of the greatest decisions my husband and I ever made for them.

I grew up in Mt. Olivet, WV.  I am a graduate of West Liberty with a bachelor degree in elementary education. I am married and have two beautiful children.

When it comes to education, I believe it is important to be a catalyst, a change agent. If a child is not learning in the way you are teaching, you need to change and adapt so that they can. I am excited to be a part of the journey we will take in second grade. It will be a great year!



Spelling: McGraw-HIll

Saxon Phonics

Reading: McGraw-HIll Reading Wonders

Language Arts: McGraw-HIll

Math: McGraw-Hill My Math

Religion: RCL Benzinger Faith First

Science: Harcourt

Handwriting: Zaner-Bloser

Physical Education

Technology – Computer Lab



Summer Reading & Math Work

Summer Reading for Incoming Grade 2

Please choose three books from the Summer Reading List to read. Then write a short summary of each book, with picture, on the attached Book Summary Pages. Turn in your three book summaries on your first day of school. You are encouraged to participate in Ohio or Marshall County Library Summer Reading programs.

You are also required to finish the Summer Math Packet. These practice worksheets will help to keep the student’s math skills sharp over the summer. We will be covering these skills during second grade. This packet is to be completed and turned in on the first day of school.

Have a wonderful summer!

Mrs. Berletch

2nd Grade Supply List

  • Art shirt
  • 2 pocket folders – 1 take home & 1 keep here
  • 1 doodle/scribble pad
  • 2 glue sticks (solid glue not liquid)
  • Fiskar scissors
  • pack of 8 markers
  • pack of 8 colored pencils
  • pack of crayons (24 max)
  • 1 pack of #2 lead pencils
  • 2 red pens
  • 2 yellow highlighters
  • erasers
  • 1 box band-aids
  • 2 boxes tissues
  • 2 rolls paper towels
  • 2 wide ruled notebooks (spiral)
  • plastic (shoebox size with lid) supply box 8 1/2 X 13 1/2 X 3 1/2
  • zippered case that will fit in desk
  • composition notebook
  • Clorox sanitizing wipes – 2 containers
  • book bag/backpack (no backpacks with wheels)
  • headphones for use in computer lab – please put in plastic bag with student name on bag   (NEW STUDENTS ONLY – headphones will move up to the next grade with your student. unless they are damaged. Please ask your student if their headphones still fit –  your child is growing! Please no ear buds at this age.)