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Acting Like Wild Animals

Our Seventh graders were acting like a bunch of animals during science class so Mrs. Schlanz took them outside! Well… they sort of were acting like animals. It was all part of their life science lesson on how in the wild many animals live in packs and must work together to survive. Mrs. Schlanz and the class took advantage of the lesson and went outside to do team building exercises to illustrate the lesson more effectively

Gingerbread Houses and Math

Seventh grade enjoyed a sweet math class today, learning to manage money, bid for building supplies (candy) and construct a gingerbread house with sound angles and solid fundamentals.

Peace Pal Christmas Fun

Peace Pals from third grade and seventh grade are enjoying a break from routine classes to make a special Christmas craft.

How’s the Weather in 7th Grade?

We may have a few future meteorologists in seventh grade. As part of their studies on weather patterns, Mrs. Schlanz’s students presented the national forecast. Several duos really enjoyed their airtime!

7th Kicks Off the School Year

The entire school from grades K-8 traveled to Cranberry Township to enjoy a day at Urban Air to challenge the students and staff to go beyond the normal – challenge themselves – and Be EXTRAORDINARY! FAITH OVER FEAR! With God all things are possible.


7th Grade Starts School

Middle School Teacher of the Year!

Middle School Math and Science Teacher Lisa Schlanz received a standing ovation as she was announced as the Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce’s Middle School Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Schlanz creates a wonderful learning environment for her students, taking learning outside the traditional walls of the classroom. She teaches her students not only to be problem solvers but also to be outstanding leaders in life through their faith in Jesus. She is shown below with her 7th Grade homeroom class.

Homework – 7th




Algebra I

Lessons  97-102 homework due on test day

Quiz  les 97-100

Test  les up to 96 Tuesday


Lesson 84  a-d  1-21

Quiz 81-85

Test 80   Tuesday


Lesson  76  a-f   1-24

quiz  les 71-75   Monday

Test  up to lesson 75  next Friday

Science 7   25 review questions  due day of test     Test Friday

Social Studies 7   

Religion    prayer test Tuesday

Spelling 7     list 27  Pretest Monday     sentences Wednesday    test Thursday   

Reading 7   p25-54 and questions

English    p