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Simulation on Explorers in 7th Grade

7th Grade Goes Above for Friends & Family Day

Paper Towel Density Experiment

Homework – 7th

We are always anchored in Christ!    

Sailing on our Seventh Grade voyage!


Set up Thurs January 23rd at school

Science Fair  Fri  January 24th


Algebra I

lessons    56-59

quiz les 55-58

test    up to les 58

Math 8

lesson 44 a-g 1-20

quiz  les 41-45

test     up to les 40 Tuesday

Science 8  vocab chp 20 read  sections       Test next Thursday

Science 6         start to study notes   Test Monday

Math 6

lesson 45 all

quiz     les 41-45

test      up to Les 40  Monday



Spelling 7   unit 10  pretest Monday    book due Wed    Test Thurs

Math 7

lesson    47   1-20

quiz      les 41-45  Monday

test    up to les 45

Reading 7   chp 7 questions

Social Studies 7     

English 7    

Religion             study for confirmation test

Science 7   work on presentation for science fair      read sect.1  chp 20  Test Wed