Chick-Fil-A and the Baby Chicks in 3rd Grade

When 2010 OLP Grad Kelsey Schau saw the video of third grade singing Happy Birthday to one of the hatching chick’s they named “Chick-fil-A”, she was so excited and knew she had to visit her alma mater.
Schau, who is on the leadership team of Chick-fil-a in Morgantown, showed her boss (2017 Graduate Nate Nixon’s Aunt Lisa) the video of our students and the hatching of “Chick-fil-a” and the two gathered up stuffed cows to present them. Third grade was so tickled by the surprise visit and gift that they immediately got “Chick-fil-a” out of the cage and put him in her hands. Way to be EXTRAORDINARY, Kelsey! OLP loves you (and yes, we soooooo love Chick-fil-a)! Thank you so much!