Our Lady of Peace School starts off each school year with our Covenant Night Celebration. This is an opportunity for students and their families to join together in celebration of the covenant commitment it takes to educate our young people. The covenant calls family, parish and school community to a cooperative partnership to meet the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical needs of our children. In this covenant, all are united in love, sharing a hope-filled vision of God’s kingdom on earth.

  • Parents are called to communicate God’s love and presence among us as the primary educator of their children.
  • The Parish, gathered as God’s people in worship, is called to renew and celebrate Jesus’ New Covenant in Word and Sacrament.
  • The Catholic School community is called to be a unique expression of the Church’s educational mission.


What Happens on Covenant Night?

Mrs. Kerr, our principal, greets the new students and families as they enter the school. We ask them to arrive first so they aren’t overwhelmed with the crowd of returning families. It also gives them more time to talk with the teachers.

Then, all our school families, new and returning, gather as a community to celebrate our Covenant Liturgy celebrated by our new pastor, Fr. Joseph. This year our school theme is Build Peace! Our Faith Focus will be the Virtues. Through the Virtues we hope to capture the incredible LOVE, GOODNESS, and Peace found in following our FAITH.

  • 5p.m. New Families are welcomed to the school. Please drop off classroom supplies before mass.
  • 5:30 p.m. MASS – all OLP families are asked to attend
  • After mass, Returning Families will go to the classrooms to drop off classroom supplies.

Families gather in the Peace Family Center where parents have the opportunity to write a message to their children. This banner is displayed in the main school hallway all year. They also enjoy refreshments and catching up with friends after the summer break.