OLP School – Leading in Faith and Knowledge for more than 50 years!
We are happy to have you visit our website to learn more about who we are and what we have become as a school community! We have advanced in so many areas due to the wonderful teaching staff, parents, parishioners and students who together make up The People of Peace!

We are truly blessed to be a three time recipient of the National Catholic School of Tomorrow Award Winner for Innovations in Education. With support from our families, parish and greater community we are truly enhancing our mission

We welcome all of our new faces to OLP. This year we embrace 200 students, more than 140 families and a few new faculty members – all who are truly committed to the continuing Catholic education of our children. As principal I feel truly blessed to work with such professional teachers who are dedicated and believe in our mission.

Father Joseph Augustine, our pastor, and I thank you for being a part of PEACE and for supporting us, our school, and each other. We look forward to the year and to building an even stronger community together.

Our wish for all is…


Mrs. Maureen Kerr, Principal


Plan a visit!

Please let us know how we can personally help you and address your questions. We welcome and encourage you to plan a visit to our school. Our staff and students look forward to meeting you. Email our Principal Mrs. Kerr at

mkerr@olpschool.org or call us at 304-242-1383.

Marshall and Ohio County Schools provide busing for many of our OLP families.

Providing an education to inspire the whole child is key. We welcome a variety of learning opportunities outside of our text books, computer labs and classrooms. Fine Arts, faith, spiritual opportunities, and athletics/physical experiences are embraced by the school community as part of a child’s total growth and learning.



Family Survey Results

Each yethumbnailcaw9np0aar we survey our new families – why did you choose us, and what suggestions do you have for us.

The results were heard loud and clear:

“OLP is THE place to be!”

Here is just a sampling of what our new families had to say. (These are not paraphrased. They are quotes!)

The main reason I chose Our Lady of Peace…

– Learn, grow, and succeed in a loving environment.

– Better education of the whole child than public school offered.

– Reputation for great teachers and striving for excellence.

– I love that my children have religion and Mass as part of their education.

– Great one-on-one.

– Great communication and wonderful environment.

– We find OLP to be more of a personal involvement in our child’s education.

– Wanted the best education to prepare for high school.

– OLP has so much to offer.

– I love how informative and organized OLP is!

– OLP is a family tradition. We now have the third generation of our family attending OLP.

Suggestions for OLP:

Keep teaching from the heart.

We love how you already are – I’m so happy we made the choice to send our children to OLP.

We couldn’t be happier.

Everyone speaks highly of OLP.

Keep up the good work. School and staff live up to reputation.

We have felt so welcomed by the OLP family.

We have yet to hear anything negative about the school.

We learned from past experiences not to take organization and cleanliness for granted. At OLP you are on top of both! We appreciate the effort!