4th Grade Summer Reading


During the summer months all incoming fourth grade students are required to complete summer work.  It is important that students continue to practice and retain content.  Each child must read (2) two chapter books.  One will be required for all students to read and they will be tested on this book within the first couple weeks of school.  Included in this packet is guided reading questions that will need to be completed about the required book. This will be recorded as the first Reading grade for the year.  

The required book is The world According to Humphrey  by Betty G Birney.

The other book your child will be able to choose(fiction or non-fiction), it should be one that they have not already read.  Reading during the summer is to keep the mind sharp during our months off from school.  Scholastic website has many great titles, as well as Amazon. There is a list of possible titles your child can choose from if you are needing a recommendation.  Your child will complete the attached book report form for the book he/she chooses.  

Summer Math Packet

Your student will also complete summer math work. These worksheets are skills that should be reviewed so your child does not fall behind during our first few weeks of school. The worksheets can be found below. Please complete and return on the first day of school in August.

All incoming fourth grade students must have memorized all multiplication facts 1-12. We will be taking assessments covering those facts within the first weeks of school. Practicing them daily will ensure your child’s success in 4th grade.

Thank you.

Mrs. Yelenic