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Homework – 5th

December 14, 2017

Please have your son or daughter bring deodorant to school every day! No Axe.


Math: My Homework pg-421


Vocabulary Workshop: pages 70-72

Spelling: Level One / Test Friday

Social Studies: 




Teacher Biography

5th Grade Janey Hall

Janey Hall

I was raised in Parkersburg, WV. I attended Wheeling Jesuit University and received a degree in Elementary Education in 2015. While at WJU, I competed as a member of the track team where I won the High Point Award and the All-Around Most Points Scored by a Female Athlete in the Conference.


This is currently my third year teaching here at OLP. My motto is “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”




Textbooks for Grade 5

  Vocabulary Workshop – Sadlier Oxford        

  Reading – McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders

  Language – Loyola Press Voyages in English

  Math – McGraw-Hill My Math

  Science – Harcourt School Publishers

  Social Studies – Harcourt United States (Civil War to Present)

  Religion Faith First – RCL Benzinger Resources for Christian Living

Summer Reading & Math Work

This summer your child will be required but not limited to read three (3) books. One will be required to be read and the other two they can choose on their own. The required text is Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. Students should fill out questions on the worksheet and turn them in on the first day of school in August. (A separate book report form is not required for this book.) The Activities portion is required to be finished as well in the packet.

When you are choosing titles for the other two (2) required books, they can be fiction or non-fiction, but it cannot be a book they have read in the fourth grade class. Reading over the summer  is very important because it develops the mind.  The mind is a muscle and it needs exercised. There are a lot of places you can go to find books for your students. I have attached a reading list on the website with age appropriate books that you can choose from if you are having a hard time finding a book to read. They will be required to fill out a book report form for each of the books they choose.

Your child will also be required to complete a math packet given to them at the end of the school year. We are transitioning to a new math series called My Math by McGraw Hill. Since we are changing companies we need to make sure each and every child has a solid foundation when entering the fifth grade. Since each year builds on the previous year’s skills in math, this packet will contain problems that reinforce the skills they worked on in fourth grade. This packet can also be downloaded below.

Your child is now on their way to being a fifth grader. The summer work for reading and math will be their first grades of the first nine weeks of fifth grade.. It’s crucial that they do well so they do not start the year on a bad footing. This transition from fourth grade to fifth grade can be very difficult for some. To make their transition easier they need to have mastered their multiplication tables through their twelves (12) and they need to be able to divide small numbers mentally. The last page of the math packet has a list of websites that are fun and can help reinforce skills from fourth grade.

5th Grade Supply List

  • Book bag
  • supply box with lid (shoe box size) – Place the following items in the supply box
    • several #2 pencils
    • 1 box colored pencils
    • 2 red pens
    • scissors
    • 1 bottle of glue or glue stick
    • markers (thin or thick)
    • crayons (24 pack)
    • 1 highlighter
    • 1 dry erase marker
  • 2 packs of loose leaf paper (wide or college ruled)
  • 2 pocket folders labeled Homework & Take Home
  • Composition notebooks
    • English
    • Math
    • Reading
    • Religion
    • Science
    • Social Studies
  • Spiral notebooks
    • English
    • Math
    • Reading
    • Science
    • Social Studies
  • 1 box of Clorox wipes
  • 1 hand sanitizer
  • 2 boxes of tissues
  • 2 paper towel rolls
  • 1 box of band-aids
  • 1 package of yellow #2 pencils
  • 1 package erasers (preferably the kind that go on top of pencils or the pink erasers)
  • 1 package Expo markers
  • headphones for use in classroom (optional)
  • headphones for use in computer lab – please put in plastic bag with student name on bag (NEW STUDENTS ONLY) Headphones will move up each grade with your child. However, please ask you child if their headphones are damaged or getting too small for them. Please no ear buds at this age.)